Weddings are a once in a lifetime celebration. The excitement of this day will be remembered for a long time. Your entertainment package can make it or break it. When you consider all the stresses of the day, you need to feel confident that when it comes to your reception, you can kick back and have a great time.

FlatWax assures you of that. We treat every wedding couple like they are a member of our own family. Our DJ team is setting up at the reception hall while you are still at the chapel, taking pictures, or just riding around town. We make sure that room acoustics are set at proper trigonometrical angles, and equipment placement are just right to assure a professional presentation. We also provide live entertainment complete with our very own guitars, drums and more.

We won’t come blasting through your cocktail hour running over your guests in a bustle, carrying massive equipment, and hardware, fifteen minutes before start time! We cater to the tastes of all your guests, not just the “under thirty crowd”.

We want Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Lu to go away saying ” we had a great time at the affair”. So….the mix of music will span through all the generations and be meaningful to everyone!. And….we will get everyone motivated to join in on the fun by having plenty of participation activities.Our DJ team dresses appropriately in formal attire, or based on your requirements. Today, many couple decide to wear theme wedding attire.

We have no problem with “joining the party” when it comes to attire. We act in your behalf, and treat you as a true, trusted client. We won’t fail to bring things to your attention when the reception hall management is not working in your favor. We are always up to date with our event planning.

Many clients can’t afford the cost of a lavish catering establishment. So they rent a hall, decorate, and retain a caterer, hoping for the best. However, the lack of a banquet manager to set things up, so the affair flows nicely, usually ends up in disaster.

Not to worry….STMP will assist you with this duty, and provide direction and MC work as required….You will think your at the Taj Mahal!! Garden Parties at home are handled the same way. We are especially experienced in this area!

Prior to your wedding date we will be in contact, and meet to discuss the specifics of your affair. Selection of your wedding song, special announcements, dances with parents, cake cutting ceremony, garter and flowers, and design of the entire affair to meet your expectations, will be accomplished with your input. And…..we won’t fade into oblivion after the contract is signed. We will remain available to answer any question you may have, or to provide guidance and direction as you need it. We are simply a call away!

STMP is a fully insured legitimate business, and a member of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E).. We enter catering establishments, and rental halls in a dignified, professional business manner. We are safety oriented, and responsible for the actions and behavior of our staff.

What FlatWax can do for your Wedding Reception, and why we do it better.

Weddings are the most personal of all events. It is important that everything goes just right, is according to individual taste, and in coordination with the reception hall. We take pride and time in planning your event, and will discuss with you, and arrange the items below to your taste and need:

Ceremonial Music

We will arrange your ceremonial music to include music for seating your quests, processional, meditation, and recessional. We will coordinate with your minister or justice of the peace prior to the ceremony to make sure that the music is cued precisely to their routine. As well we will provide appropriate music for your receiving line as your guests move to your cocktail or reception room. We provide the most popular religious and secular pieces for your personal selection.

Cocktail Hour / Background Music

We will provide easy listening music as your guests arrive, greet, and mingle. This is usually a time that family and friends want to spend time conversing with each other. We will not compete with this, but provide a warm background based on our selection of low-key, unobtrusive music.

Introduction of the Bride & Groom

We assist the banquet manager with setting up your wedding party for the main introductions. We will work with the group to make sure everyone is comfortable and confident, and has their best smile on. Music will be provided based on individual taste and could include pieces from show or sports themes. This is your first introduction as husband and wife, and we will make sure it is a memorable one!

First Dance

We will assist you in selecting the piece for your first dance. This song should be well thought out, and define something special about you as a couple, or have significance to you in a personal way. This dance usually takes place immediately following your introduction. We will even provide you with a practice dance, while your guests enjoy the cocktail hour, so that you are comfortable, and confident when the dance actually takes place!

Celebratory Toast / Prayer

After the first dance, and as soon as you and your guests are seated, working with the banquet manager, we will ask your guests to stand, holding a drink, in preparation for the celebratory toast. The best man, a family member, or a special friend usually performs the toast. A prayer over the food by your minister or selected family member will then follow based on your request. We have even drafted toasts or prayers to assist you in this function!

Centerpiece Giveaway

We do this based on your request immediately after dinner. It is a great ice-breaker to get family and friends directly involved in the festivities. Everyone gets involved, even those who don’t dance! It is successful in getting the party going, and creates a lot of laughter as well as exercise. We will discuss the different methods in doing this, as well as other fun ice-breakers with you in preparing for your special day.

Cake Cutting

The cake cutting usually takes place after dinner and sometime during general dancing. We will work with your banquet manager to set the stage, and get you ready for this ceremony. This is a typical photo opportunity and a time to have some great fun. We will direct you in the ceremony, make you laugh, and ask guests to sing along as you perform your first duties as husband and wife.

Parental Dances

Parental dances usually follow the cake cutting. We will ask the bride to escort her father or other selected family member to the dance floor for a personal cameo dance. We will then ask the groom to escort his mother or selected family member in the same fashion. This is a great photo opportunity, as well as a chance to spend a precious, memorable couple of moments with a loved one. We will work with you to select the right music piece for the event, set the atmosphere, and encourage guests to take part in recording the event.

Bouquet & Garter Toss

The bouquet and garter toss will follow the parental dances and end the formal ceremonies for the event. We will ask the bride and groom to come to the center of the dance floor and present the garter. This is a fun ceremony and performed by us with dignity. We will then ask the single young men and woman to join us in the event and proceed with the individual tosses. The individuals who catch the items will also have their five minutes of fame, which is usually a great memory for them of your wedding day.