About-UsFlatWax featuring VJ’s DJs is a professional family operated DJ entertainment business providing quality entertainment throughout Long Island, New York. We are fully insured and proud members of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers.

FlatWax was established in 1973 as a live music ensemble, employing the finest musicians and entertainers from Queens County, Long Island, and New Jersey. The group was comprised of guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, woodwinds, and brass. Earlier known as the Soft Touch Orchestra and later as STMP, the group entertained at numerous private corporate affairs as well as organizational functions of the VFW, American Legion, Elks, PBA, and Knights of Columbus.

In 1999, as the cost of live music reached a point of being cost prohibitive for most private clients as well as fraternal and civic associations, a decision was made to move into the DJ entertainment sector. Although, we still provide live musicians for special occasions such as weddings and ceremonies, our emphasis is now placed as a full service DJ entertainment company, providing quality music entertainment for your dancing and listening pleasure.


Vince started out early in music at the age of fourteen. Learning the guitar before the “Beatles Invasion”, and later at the age of sixteen being forced into singing when a lead singer became ill, Vince has never stopped entertaining. He began his career playing rhythm guitar for the late sixties combo The Soirees, and later worked playing lead guitar with such college bar bands as Ronnie Vines & Vision. In 1970 Vince joined his childhood friend Tony Suglia to organize The Soft Touch.

The Soft Touch evolved into STMP, and Vince worked as Lead Singer, Lead Guitarist, and MC for the orchestra. As the contemporary live music scene started to slack off in the early nineties, Vince joined the popular polka group, The G.T.Express, as lead singer and guitarist.

He co-produced the group’s popular CD Beer, Woman, & Chicken in 1996, which received wide air play on popular US polka radio shows. Vince continues to work with the group at shows in the Metropolitan area. In 1998 Vince began efforts to re-organize FlatWax as VJ’s DJs. Our first show kicked off in January 1999. Other than being owner and business agent for the organization, Vince continues to entertain at our affairs as DJ, MC & Lighting Engineer.

Vince is presently working on a new solo CD featuring popular Sinatra tunes! Release should come during the summer of 2002.

Lisa B | Music Consultant and DJ

Lisa’s job starts before the equipment gets out of the office. She comes up with party ideas, especially for Sweet Sixteen & Graduations, and of course identifies the tunes that are ” a must” and currently on the top 40. She makes sure that our library is up to date, and that the inventory is in fact in the cases. She also establishes and burns her own CD compilations that are used at our jobs.

We are proud of our ability to stay current as far as music material. This is a credit to Lisa’s continual efforts. She also selects and organizes our novelty hand-out packages. Lisa is now working as an assistant DJ on jobs, as well as provides lighting support as required.

Katie – Party motivator

What’s a party without a party motivator? At shows, Lisa & Katie are the ones that make sure you know what foot or hand goes where. When it comes to specialty dances that’s a chore!

The girls do a great job in getting your guests out on the dance floor and having fun! They are particularly skilled at organizing and facilitating children’s parties and events.

Any questions, just contact us.