Our services FlatWax doesn’t make a big deal about the types of music and entertainment packages we offer to our clients. Its simple, no fancy labels, and there are no “bells & whistles” to confuse you.

We offer a basic music package, two lighting packages, three novelty packages, and availability of live musicians for cocktail hours or integrated with our recorded music.

The Basic Music Package includes:

  • 4 hours of continuous music – Additional hours of music can be obtained at the Overtime rate.
  • 1 DJ ( Sound Engineer ) & 1 MC
  • The Lighting Packages include:
  • Tripod Lighting System – Basic Spots, Strobe, & one interactive beam display
  • Truss Lighting System – ” The Works” including all of the above with gobos, additional beams, additional strobe, laser, cop light, mirror ball

Novelty Packages

There are three packages which include numerous items. We have designed these packages based on past experience, and according to past client requests. The items are quality made, and act as a nice momento of your party. The packages graduate in cost, based on the quantity of items in the package. Two of the packages include glow necklaces. Custom packages can be made upon request.

Live Musicians – Live Entertainment – Party Motivators

FlatWax has been around a long time. We have a “full stable” of professional musicians that are available. We receive many requests for live musicians and party motivators to integrate with our DJ set ups. We can provide full orchestras and bands or individual musicians for cocktail hours and chapel ceremonies. Party Motivators work with your guests to show them the latest participation dances, and get them involved in the party atmosphere.

If you are interested, ask us about our “Live Entertainment”.


FlatWax does not provide pricing via the internet. Please E-Mail us for pricing information. Of course, pricing is based on the type of the event, and the additions made to the basic music package. STMP is competitive with other professional, quality DJ providers in our area of operation.

Karaoke is not for everyone. However, there are some ‘Wild & Crazy” fanatics that just can’t do without this “art form”. FlatWax can support this aching need that some folks have to “break a leg”, as they say in the business.

Our version of this art form is called “Karaoke Madness”. Done like it was done in the ‘good ole days”. No TV……No mass of wires….No bouncing ball…..No special electronic prompting. Just plain old fashioned guts! We give you a song sheet, find your key….???… provide one free pass on the mixing board headset…and your ready for the stage and your audience!

We don’t have an endless library of karaoke discs of songs that no one can sing. Just some simple, great songs that get everyone in the audience rolling, and make our “Karaoke Madness Victims’….I mean candidates, look good and feel better. We’ll give you tunes like Born to be Wild, Jump, Jive and Wail, and ballads like The Rose.

We will set your stage….provide a prop or two…give you the intro of your life….and even provide security once your performance is concluded. The long and short of it all is everyone will have some great fun!


We are specialists in large corporate functions. Some DJ companies provide only one style or venue of music. STMP has established a diversified music library, and arranges corporate parties and shows so that every age group, ethinic group, and music style is included. As well, our presentation is dignified, and we have respect for formal programs that our clients plan as part of their corporate event.

A great informal party experience today is the “theme party”. Theme parties get everyone motivated,and into the event. More and more organizations and even private party planners are getting into this. Some ideas are Country Western Nights, Polka Nights, a Luau, Toga, and the good old Halloween party. Guests get dressed in appropriate costumes and at some parties even contests are held, and prizes awarded for the “”best garb”..

STMP can provide both the appropriate music selections, and even set the mood with provision of theme based handouts.

As with wedding planning, STMP is there to assist you with all your party event planning. We can even make recommendations about potential rental halls, caterers, and party decorating businesses in the area.

So…when you get ready to plan your next party event, don’t hesitate, just call FlatWax.


Lighting can play an important role at any party. Although not a necessity, today many clients look forward to adding lighting shows to their party celebrations. FlatWax is capable of providing lighting support for any size event.

Lighting adds that special touch to the event that gets everyone in the mood to “boogie down”, and have a good time. It provides that “nightclub” atmosphere that is conducive to dancing and partying.

STMP provides minimal lighting for small parties (where space is limited) using a tripod system, and provides full lighting support for larger venues using a 5 or 10 foot truss system. These are the systems usually seen at weddings, and large affairs.

We use the latest lighting effects to include laser, spot, flood, gobo, and interactive beam displays.Fog and Bubble Systems are used to support the lighting effects. Lighting and ancillary support (fog & bubbles) make up the difference for what could be just a drab party.

This is especially important for those clients trying to create an atmosphere not usually present at rental halls.Lighting packages can be added to your party package at minimal cost. Of course, the size and sophistication of the lighting system dictates the price. But, with STMP, your expense will certainly not “break the bank”!

The visuals below are an example of some of the lighting effects we commonly use.


I guess there is a child hidden in all of us!

One thing I know is true…… Party and novelty handouts really make a big hit!. It is incredible how adorning a pair of mood glasses, a black fedora, or playing an inflatable guitar gets things started. As well, it’s a great feeling to bring home something as a remembrance of the great party experience that you had.

At STMP, if you choose to have novelty handouts at your event, we guarantee that we will distribute items at the rate of 50% of your party gate. So if you have 100 guests, at least 50 items will be distributed. This assures that a good number of your guests will have something to take home to remember your event.

We have a number of prepared packages of novelty items available within a range of prices. However, if you have special items you desire, let us know, and we will design a custom package that suits your needs.

We also provide special items for your theme parties. And, if it’s your thing…… We can even provide full chicken suits to heighten your chicken dance antics!

Some of our clients like to plan, design, and purchase their own party nolvelties and supplies. We can be of assistance if that is your wish. Just visit our party store by clicking the banner below and enter an unending world of party supplies at reasonable prices. Supplies are shipped direct to you in time for your special event!